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Slayer is an add-on made by Greek2Me. It's mainly designed for deathmatch mini-games.

Features & DocumentationEdit

This is simply a basic guide on some of the many features in Slayer. If you require additional assistance, Greek2me can be contacted via this wiki, the Blockland forums, or through the Slayer project page. Pizza This is a minigame where you can kill othersin DMs or TDMS.


Early BeginningsEdit

Slayer had very humble beginnings, starting as an edit of KINEX's Auto-Dedicated Minigame script in July of 2010. It was only capable of running a small deathmatch and was not very usable. However, Slayer quickly expanded to meet the growing needs of ScatteredSpace's popular Dogfight Server, which was plagued by script issues and difficulty of use. Thus, the Slayer project was born in an attempt to improve the dogfight server and was eventually polished and released to the public on September 9, 2011, after more than a year in development.

Previous VersionsEdit

Slayer has been through several major revisions, which are detailed here.

Version 1Edit

This was the initial release of Slayer as a private ScatteredSpace add-on on the 27th of June, 2011. It featured a very rudimentary GUI and very limited support for expansion. It also lacked many features, such as minigame favorites and team uniforms.

Version 2Edit

Slayer was first released to the public on September 9th, 2011. This version featured a brand-new GUI, which was basically the same as the current Slayer GUI.

Version 3 (current)Edit

The current iteration of Slayer is version 3, which involved a complete rewrite of the mod from version 2. This allowed for multiple minigames and several other large features.

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