Icon download This article is about an Add-on, meaning it has to be downloaded from a third-party and does not reflect the default content of the game.


Return To Blockland as a content manager was released in late 2008, when Ephialtes, it's creator, posted it on the Add-Ons board. At the time, it featured an ingame portal to the RTB website, in which the users could download mods from, a colorset manager, easier Add-Ons manager, and a portal to the IRC chatroom, #rtb. BLID: 6951 was here to pay respects to what helped turned Blockland into one of my favorite games of my childhood.

In late 2011, a beta for a later version of RTB was released to a select 50 members. Information on the beta can be found at the ingame manual. After the beta test period was over, the update was released to the public boasting a totally revamped chat system, no longer relying on the often-down IRC system, and a miniature social networking feature allowing for a friends list, and allowing friends to easily connect to one anothers' servers.

Prior to March 1st, 2014, on the RTB website a notice was posted saying "This service will be unavailable from March 1st, 2014, please download anything you wish to keep before this date". The website no longer exists and when trying to turn on the add-on, it will not connect to the RTB servers (since they no longer exist). Many theories have been made on why RTB was shut down, one of the most popular being that Ephialtes decided to quit blockland and no longer wanted to fund RTB.


RTB was moderated by Ephialtes, Lub, Space Guy, and a few other less-active users. This was to prevent any damaged or harmful add-ons from being available for (easier) public download by reviewing the code of an add-on, and then deciding if it is of high enough quality to be presented on their downloads system. Unapproved Add-Ons can, however, still be used.

In-Game FunctionsEdit

RTB's in-game features vastly improved Blockland's appeal. A mod manager was added, allowing the user to download, enable, disable, and delete add-ons. Alongside this, there was a chat system implemented that allowed players to have private chats as well as converse in public chatrooms. Users were also able to add friends and view a tab on them, allowing said player to view what server their friends are on and join them.