Add-ons are a type of file that Blockland can use to load custom content. They are compressed as a .zip, but they can also be a regular folder. They are always named using the naming scheme [CATEGORY]_[NAME](.zip).


Blockland features several different types of Add-ons.


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The description.txt is a special file in an add-on that contains information about it. A description file should generally contain the following information:

Title: (Title of the Add-on)
Author: (Author of the Add-on)
(A brief description)

For example, the Pinball projectile would have the following description:

Title: Pinball
Author: Eric Hartman
Pinball projectile and sounds.

Since it was created by Eric Hartman, and it's called the Pinball, the description.txt will explain that to any service that might use the information. The add-on will not run if there is no description.txt file.


Blockland is extended through the scripting language TorqueScript. There are two different entry points, depending on whether it's a server-sided add-on or a client-sided add-on. The same add-on can utilize both entry points.

Server-sided add-ons

Server-sided add-ons have the file "server.cs" as the main entry point. It's executed when starting the server, but must be enabled manually when creating it if the server is not dedicated.

Client-sided add-ons

Client-sided add-ons have the file "client.cs" as the main entry point. They are always executed on Blockland launch, except for on dedicated servers (where they will not be executed at all). GUIs should only be loaded from a code path which will never be executed from the server-sided add-on entry point.

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